Shaligram Worship

Once you the collected the saligram :-
- Wash it with water .
- Put in base of either cloths or plate.
- Put in the altar place or repected place and arrange the following as items as many as you can :

Five materials milk , ghee and curd ,water and honey, incense sticks, candle lamp, sandalwood paste, rice grains unbroken, flower, fruit

- sit facing toward the saligram
- wash with water, then put in plate, pour the five liquid above it and again wash with water.
- burn the candle light near to shaligram
- offers the flowers, and fruits
- burn the insence and dot he prayer with chanting the following mantra :-

" Om Dhyeyah Sada Savitr Mandala Madhya Varti
Narayanah Sarasijasana Sannivistah
Keyuravan Kanaka Kundalavan Kiriti
Harir Hiranmaya Vapur Dharta Sankha Chakrah
"Hare Ram,Hare Ram Hare Krishna ,Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare"

*simplest method of worship
pour water on the shaligram and chant Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya

Parad Shivalinga / Shri Yantra

1. Parad Shivalinga .... spout face NE or E ... every morning ... pour a drop of water or milk on the shivalinga and chant .... Om Namah Shivaya, Shivaya Namah Om ... 9xs ... you can put flower which is optional .... the water or milk used for the shiva linga, can drink or pour in the flower pot

2. Parad Shri Yantra - place in the NE --- where your altar is .... before placing it on altar ... wash with water and then place on the altar .... then chant Om Maha Lakhshimaya Namah .... 9xs and then in your heart ask and invite her to come grace your house with her presence.
For daily puja .... you just need to chant every morning and if possible put a some flower or sweet and then you can give the sweet to anyone.

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