Been thinking of clearing the energy in your home or office, we highly recommend White Sage, specially picked and bundled by the natives. Do try it and you will be surprised that a simple herb that has been used hundreds of years by the native americans is one of the best in energy management. Don't know how to use the sage, we will teach you too!

We have now included in our business Organic Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, which is non-gmo, chemical and pesticide free from nepal. For many years we have been operating a holistic store, but now with the organic foods, we inspire to give our clients a wholistic service, of being Whole again. High vibration non-gmo food not only heals a person from inside out, it will also help those whom have developed gluten intolerance and many other scientific intolences due to adulterated foods. It is a tedious task to make sure what we get is pure and vibrationally high.

We believe in our produce as we are consumers too. Feel the difference and give your body what it needs !

Pls like our Himalayan Premium Foods we will keep you updated on the latest seasonal foods and also discounts.
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