Intl Psychic and Spiritual Consultant, Angelina Paraliki is back after some time and will be here from 8th Feb onwards only for a few days. Angelina will be faciliting a very interesting workshop on Connecting to your Spirit team of Guides. Do book early as space is limited.

Mystic Tarot / Oracle Readings ( mandarin reading available )

Gifted and born with strong intuition, Luna has been a intuitive Tarot / Oracle reader since 1996 and to date has clients from all walks of life.
Gifted and born with strong intuition, Luna has been a intuitive Tarot / Oracle reader since 1996 and to date has clients from all walks of life.

Besides reading for private clients, she has a list of corporate clients whom has engaged her for their company launch, dinner functions, cocktails parties and private events.

A private reading with Luna is S$130 per 45mins session. Consultation in Mandarin is available @ S$150 per 45mins. Reservation necessary. Call 6338 3173
Readings and Healings

Gifted and born with strong intuition, Luna has been a intuitive Tarot / Oracle reader since 1996 and to date has clients from all walks of life.
Casey is a shamanic practitioner who has been practicing shamanism influenced by the Norse and Mongolian paths since 2006. She is an Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master and Teacher, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Akashic Records Consultant.

She has been working with the Elder Futhark Runes and the Tarot since 2005, and is an intuitive reader who works closely with both the individual energy and imagery of each deck and rune she uses, and also listens to any guidance that jumps out at her. She has come up with a method of combining the Runes and Tarot into a single reading, helping her clients by bringing to attention both the details and major patterns of issues to be resolved.

Tarot and Rune Reading ($130 / 45 minutes)

Combining the tarot and the runes for each reading, Casey provides a bridge between knowing the details of a situation through the Tarot and having a larger picture of how all the details affect one another when they have settled into fixed patterns through the Runes. Receiving a reading in this method ensures that answers given are more holistic and are of great help in resolving issues that span larger life patterns but which can be balanced out through day-to-day actions.

Akashic Records Reading ($180 / 45 minutes)

The Akashic Records, known also as 'The Book of Life', is a Universal Library containing all the information on every person, from his first lifetime to his current one, in terms of thought, deed, feeling, and intent. These provide energetic or karmic threads linking past lives to present, and connecting all souls in the universe.

In this Akashic Records reading, issues and challenges faced in this life are explored and investigated so that you will be able to resolve problems and improve the quality of your life in moving forward. Your personal Masters of the Records, Soul Family, and Loved Ones may be present in order to assist and support you in your search for answers and in your growth.

Before attending the reading, please prepare between four to six questions in an open-ended format and take your questions with you when you come for the reading. The reading will be based on your questions.


Aura and Chakra Clearing and Re-balancing ( $90 / 30 minutes)

Each person is said to have seven main chakras running throughout his physical body and possess seven to nine auric bodies, each which extends from his physical body, acting as connections and bridges to the spiritual realms.When the chakras and auric bodies are blocked, dis-ease, illnesses, and weaknesses can occur in the forms of anxiety, depression, feelings of listlessness or stagnation.

In this aura and chakra clearing and re-balancing, Casey will use a bobber to first unblock and break up any stagnant energy in each chakra, before bringing in fresh energy to balance out what is lacking and needed for your auric bodies. This will be particularly helpful to anyone who feels emotionally and spiritually cut off from the divine, and for those who feel stagnation and blockages in their daily lives, especially in attempts to advance in their own healing and self-understanding.


Reiki Healing ( $120 / 50 minutes)

Reiki is an energy healing method that involves the laying of hands on a body to channel universal healing energy. It is gentle and non-invasive, and works by amplifying the body's innate healing capability using the energy of the universe. It promotes the reduction of stress, increase of calmness, and overall healing of the body on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

Experiencing a Reiki healing session is like having a deep restful sleep where you feel peace and centeredness enter you and anxiety leave you. In a Reiki healing session with Casey, she will use the energies of both Usui and Karuna Reiki® to achieve the greatest overall rejuvenating effect while proving a compassionate space for you to experience healing at a pace you are comfortable with.

For Readings and Healings with Casey, pls Call 6338 3173 for reservations.
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