It is best to buy Rudraksha from dealers that you trust and know as there are lots of fakes in the market selling at low and high prices like originals.Sacred Space is the one and only Holistic Center in Singapore that specializes and provide Genuine Nepali Rudrakshas since more than 9 Years....
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MultiFaceted Rudraksha
1 - 18 Mukhi
Rarest Rudraksha
Mantra Chanting Rosaries
Five Face Rosaries
SameMukhi Rosaries
Sandal Wood Rosaries
Tulasi /Lotus Mala
Purple Plates

Tesla Purple Plate

Rudraksha Seeds
Nepali Handicrafts
Siddha Mala
Rudraksha & Gem Mala
Zodiac Rudraksha Bracelet
Vishnu Chakra Saligram
Rarest Variety Saligram
Spatic Crystal Ganesh
Spatic Mala / Locket
Spatic Crystal Shivalinga
Books & Cds
Energy Healing Books
Meditation CDS
Hindu Puja/Meditation items
Rudraksha Pendant
Blood Stone Pendant
Silver pendant
Pure Rudraksha Oil
Navaratna stones/Mala
Mercury Items
Tibetan Singing Bowls
Mix Metal Singing Bowls
Tingshas and Bajras
Space Clearing Sprays
Shaman Drum
White Sage Spray
Smudge Sticks
Meditation Kits
Crystal Pendulams
Copper Pyramids
Wish Pyramids

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