It is best to buy Rudraksha from dealers that you trust and know as there are lots of fakes in the market selling at low and high prices like originals. Sacred Space is the one and only Holistic center in Singapore that specializes and provide Genuine Nepali Rudrakshas since more than 9 Years.

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A chamar is waved at the end of arati(vesper service)and has many layers of meaning such as offering the air element, cooling the deity, keep insects away and as a sign of royal power. Ritually pure, yak tail is the only hair that can be used in puja.
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63.00 SGD
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Left Handed Conche.
Left Handed Conche
Blown at the commencement and end of many Hindu worship services, the sound of the conch clears the atmosphere of negative astral entities. The sound of the conch declares spiritual victory, represents the sacred mantra OM, and embodies the vibrations of the Vedic scriptures
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64.40 SGD
Bell used for puja in buddhist and hindu practice. Great for clearing and enhancing energy in the space. Weight (approx): 500 g
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105.00 SGD
Right Sided Conche.
Right Sided Conche
Right Sided conche.
Price : US$ 30.00
42.00 SGD

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