It is best to buy Rudraksha from dealers that you trust and know as there are lots of fakes in the market selling at low and high prices like originals. Sacred Space is the one and only Holistic center in Singapore that specializes and provide Genuine Nepali Rudrakshas since more than 9 Years.

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Rudraksha Seed.
Rudraksha Seed
Rudraksha seed are extracted from the High quality Rudraksha nut shell to improvised the technique of fast growing of Rudraksha plant.This seeds have the germinating capacity of 99% within three month period of time. This seed require high care during plantation and the procedure will be mailed along with the rudraksha seed that you have order. The packet contain 10 number of seeds which is able to give ten Rudraksha plant after sprouting.
Price : US$ 25.00
35.00 SGD
Water Beads.
Water Beads
Specially processed and clean Rudraksha beads. Used for putting in drinking water.
Good for :-
1. Help to Normalises the Blood pressure.
2. Good for Diabetic people.
3. Good for Gastric and SKin Problems.
Direction of Use:-
Put the beads overnight in glass of water and drink early morning on empty stomach.
Price : US$ 30.00
42.00 SGD

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