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What is VASTU - Indian Feng Shui
The ancient maharishis , the great sages of India , learned to channel the power of nature in a beneficial way, they discovered the fundamental pillars of Creation, the five elements - earth, fire, sky, water and air. The maharashis studied the elements carefully and observed that each element had unique attributes and influences. When an element is placed in a particular direction, it reacted in a particular way - either positively or negatively. Thus, Vaastu was found.
Vaastu Shastra is one of the most valuable treasures of ancient India . Historically, Vaastu was the purview of kings and scholars only. It's the architectural science that teaches you how to live in harmony with nature. It determines whether a place is suitable to live or not. Vaastu should not be ignored, especially when success is vitally important. Your home's Vaastu impacts every aspects of your life. It affects you whether you believe it or not. Good Vaastu in the places you live brings you good fortune, while bad Vaastu creates unnecessary suffering. Vaastu can create ill-effects in a person and it also can bring success to a person.
Classical Feng Shui Consultattion by Accredited Feng Shui Master (IFSA) Edwaard Liu

Edwaard Liu is an Accredited Feng Shui Master endorsed by the International Feng Shui Association. His Feng Shui (Geomancy) and Ba Zi services are in considerable demand both locally and abroad.He has served clients from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Greece, Australia, Russia and Switzerland. His Feng Shui Clients include Capitaland, SouthEast Asia’s largest property developer.

For several years now, Edwaard’s strong interest in Metaphysics coupled with his extensive network has allowed him to meet and learn from various well-known local and foreign  Masters in areas as diverse as Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading, Numerology, Crystal Healing, I-Ching and other Divination Techniques.

During his knowledge-building quest in Metaphysics, he discovered that Xuan Kong Feng Shui is an authentic and accurate system and is highly effective in tapping positive energy (Qi).  Xuan Kong Feng Shui harmonizes negative energies in one’s premise to improve in Health, Wealth, Career, and Relationship for the occupants in that premise. Xuan Kong Feng Shui has a history of more than 2000 years and has been extensively used by the Imperial Family of China. Using this Classical Feng Shui system, he has helped his clients improve the quality of their lives.

A graduate from the University of Bath (UK) with a First Class Honors degree in Engineering and is a member of the Singapore and International Feng Shui Association. . He holds a Masters degree in Computing from the National University of Singapore, Edwaard is the owner of 123 Destiny, which provides Destiny and Luck Cycle Analysis through the highly accurate Ancient Chinese Astrology system – BAZI (八字).


Edwaard Liu is a highly sought after speaker for topics on Feng Shui and BaZi. He has given talks to the following organizations:

* Economic Development Board,
* Capitaland
* Building and Construction Authority
* Singapore University of Technology and Design
* StarHub
* Keppel Shipyard
* Electrolux
* Immation
* Pokka
* Dennis Wee Group* AllGreen Properties
* Manitowoc Crane Group Asia
* UniCredit Bank
* Starmall Properties
* Micron Semiconductor Asia
* Saxo Capital
* 3M Singapore
* Frost and Sullivan
* Sennheiser Consumer Product
* Mead Johnson
* Unilib Enterprises
* Wilmar Trading
* Business Network International
* Nucleus Connect
* Singapore Reinsurance

Using Classical Feng Shui techniques, we are able to help you activate and harness auspicious energies in premises/homes to improve the:

  • Flow of Abundance & Wealth
  • Status of Health and Emotions
  • Status and Strength of Relationships
  • Levels of Fame, Popularity and Leadership
  • Study and Academic Performance

We can also help you avoid and harmonize inauspicious energy in your premises/homes to minimize the following:

  • Illnesses
  • Loss of Wealth, Fame and Status
  • Bad Relationships with spouse and/or family members
  • Poor Studies and Academic Performance
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Consultations for Chinese Feng Shui

HDB (rooms and living room)

3 rooms  - $580
4 rooms – $680
5 rooms – $780
Executive – $880
Mansionette – $880

Condominiums (rooms and living room) 

2 rooms and below – $580
3 rooms – $680
4 rooms– $780
5 rooms – $880

Landed and Commercial Property - call or email for quotation

One Bedroom : 1 bedroom only for HDB, Condo or Landed Property – $400

For appointment, call 6338 3173 or E-mail :-

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