What is Vaastu ?

Vaastu is much more then the art of architecture. Vaastu is as old as the vedic period and as old as the ancient scriptures. It means the ancients had stayed in very well developed houses following the principals of Vaastu which was written in the ancient scriptures.

Everything, man, substance, animals, plants are made for Panchmahabhoot - the 5 basic elements - earth, water, fire, wind and sky. This 5 elements have close relationship with man and his environment. When harmony between these elements gets disturbed our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension, ill health and our peace of mind is destroyed.

If we give proper place to these elements at proper places in the building, we can become one with nature. Some people think that vaastu or feng shui is superstitious, but looking at the science behind it how can it be defined superstition when one is trying to balance the element to live harmoniously. Vaastu is the art of correct settings one can place in such a manner as to derive maximum benefits.

Our Ancient Saints had learnt from their ancient times how the five elements i.e. Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Sky work on human beings and their dwelling houses. They had also learnt how the solar energy and North-magnetic energy effect the destiny of people. Vaastu Shastra deals this matter while building houses and utilization of five basic elements available freely for the human beings on this Prithvi (Earth). This is a universally applicable science and we can see from our ancient time how people lived happily by living in such abodes.

This science deals with materials like wood, cement, steel, bricks, mirrors, water fountain etc. which is ultimately known as Vaastu Samudaya or Vaastu. It is well known that earth spins around its North-South axis and is also tilted from the axis towards North. North-East Zone is having positive cosmic energy and is thus very important. The energy travels from North to South making Semi-spherical energy lines and keeping the middle portion (Brahma Sthal) with weak flow of energy. It is for these reasons that plot dimensions are suggested 1:11/2 size or a 1:2 size. As this can be seen if the length of the plot is more, the energy flow becomes feeble on all the four sides. This can be proved by Einstein theory of relativity also.

We have studied in detail a large number of houses where vaastu principles were not observed. The dwellers were suffering either from financial losses, health problems, thefts, accidents, court litigation incurable diseases etc. In such houses, we have applied pyramids, shaligrams, yantras and vaastu wood as remedial measures which gave instant relief in most of the cases. The result is obtained with the help of a mixture of solar energy, earth's magnetic energy, gravitational force, and cosmos energy. This experience is also in line with the research made by our ancient Rishis on this subject.

Some people think that vaastu works only marginally in one's life; but we believe that every man is mainly guided by disha orientation. In other words if the plot of an airplane takes wrong disha (direction) he will be landing in different town than the aimed city. Therefore the disha of the dwelling house is more important to receive all the dasa benefits. Vaastu knowledge is needed to highlight the day to day mistakes found in building construction and the ways to correct them for receiving peace, prosperity and happiness.

Differences between Vaastu and Feng Shui .....

Chinese Feng Shui also believes in the 5 elements such as Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood and Water. Vaastu believes Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Sky or Cosmic. Fire, Earth, Water are common concepts in the both the sciences. Metal and Wood are found in the Earth, thus making the indian concept more scientific and complete. In Vaastu, NE -Water, SE - Fire, NW - Air, SW - Earth and Centre - Space, whereas in Chinese FS, North - Water, East - Wood, South - Fire, West - Metal.

Vaastu science is liked to the human body with chakras and main emphasis is in the electromagnetic flux - energy that travels from north to south. Each direction in vaastu is symbolised by names of dieties known as Vaastu Purush Mandal.

basic tips to use in pre-built house ....

Door - should preferably be in the East

Windows - Large windows in East or North. Windows in South shld be avoided or closed.

Kitchen - Shld be in the SE corner of the house. It is best for gas burner in the SE in the kitchen. person cooking shld face east or north while cooking.

Water - Shld be in NE section of entire house. the basin in kitchen shld be d be NE in kitchen also.

Refrigerator - Kept in NE or W. Other electrical appliances like mixer/grinder shld be in th SE

Toilet - ideally in mid - west or mid - south or nw. avoid toilets in NE - this is considered to be a major defect in Vastu, creating problems like terminal illnesses, cancer, litigation.

Bathroom - in mid-east, mid-south. the bathroom shld be used only for bathing purposes.

Bedroom - elders or owners of the house shld be in SW. heads shld be in South or East. unmarried children shld be in NE or East.

Wooden Furniture - Heavy items in SW, Light items can be kept in East , Wrought Iron in West an NW.

Guest - should sit in the NW. bedroom of guest shld be in NW, owner should ideally sit in the SW corner of hall facing the north or east.

Television - should be in SE or North so that you can face east or north while watching TV. TV should not be in the South.

Computer - can be kept in North or SE

Garage - NorthWest

vaastu can solve ....

Proper vaastu application can help solve issues on litigations, terminal illnesses, financial loss, accidents, in vaastu if there is any defects, charged pyramids, yantras, vaastu wood, rudrakshas and shaligrams are used to harmonise the defect.

We had cases where the owner of house was diagnosed with cancer. When we analysed the house, his master bedroom and toilet was in the NE section. Advise was that he should not use the the bedroom and toilet. Eventually there was good results in subsequent test. Another case was a young girl with blood defects and she was going in and out of hospital. When we checked her house, again the toilet was in the NE in the bedroom. Advise was given to not use the toilet.

yet again ... Proper vaastu application can help solve issues on litigations, terminal illnesses, financial loss, accidents,. in vaastu if there is any defects, charged pyramids, crystals are used to harmonise the defect.

more tips on vaastu ....

* Blocking of the North-East (Ishan) portion of the house/industry restricts the inflow of the blessings of God. It leads to tension, quarrel and insufficient growth of the inhabitants; especially children of the owner.

* There should not be three or more doorways in a straight line
* Improper position of the bedroom/bed/dressing table brings unhappiness in the married life and causes disturbed sleep.

* A water body or source should be in the north, east or north-east of the plot.

* Having a water body in the south-east/south position of the house can cause damage to the male child/wife of the owner.

* More open space in north or east gives name, fame and prosperity.

* Leaving more space on the south-west side in the house can affect the male members badly; whereas in industry it leads to financial loss and quarrel amongst partners/executives.

* Having a toilet/fire place in north-east corner of the house or industry can ruin it financially besides mental tension & quarrel amongst people.

* Depression in the south-west can result in to a serious illness to the habitants, whereas depression in north-west causes enmity and litigation.

* The depression in south portion of the building in general restricts growth besides financial problems.

* Extension in the south-west may result in loss of health, loss of money and other insurmountable problems, whereas in extension in south-east may lead to fire, accidents, theft, and court litigation.

* A South-west gate has the tendency to keep the owner away from the building/room.

* All fire/electrical gadgets like transformers, generators, motors, boilers, furnaces, oil-engines etc. should be kept in south-east or southern portion of the plot/building.

* Heavy machinery has to be installed in south-west, south & west in the factory. Packing, weighing machines/finished products are to be kept in north west corner. It would help quick movements of the stocks & early recovery thereof.

* Since the health of your home relates directly to you and your health keep your home in the best possible condition. Keep your mirrors clean, try to keep the paint work fresh, repair any leaking faucets, and replace any blown bulbs as quickly as possible. Keep your windows clean and replace any cracked or broken glass.

* The kitchen should be well lit and have a feeling of spaciousness and welcoming feel. Since it symbolize the family's wealth.

* The cook should be able to see anyone who enters the room without turning his or her head more than forty-five degrees.

* Avoid cactus, rubber plants, milky plants and bonsai, creepers in the house as they add to your tension, illness and stunt growth of the children.

Plots/Buildings with round, triangular, polygonal and other odd shapes may constantly lead one into some problem or other. Square and rectangular plots are good.

the vaastu purush look like this ... the head is NE, buttocks is SW, right hand is SE, left hand is NW

this image is not modern, everything on vaastu is based on this image ... thus when we say no toilets in the NE --- can u imagine having something throwing waste on your head .... the SW is buttocks .... where all the heavy furniture, owners bedroom/office shld be and if there are large windows here - just imagine having a hole in your pants, it is advisable to close the windows so that nobody take the authority of the owner.

Pyramids, Yantras, Vaastu Wood, Rudrakshas and Shaligrams and Smudges for space clearing are available in Sacred Space.

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