International Psychic Anne Hassett - Acushla - will be here in from 3rd April. An established author, famous for her yearly zodiac forcast,and her communications with the angelic world, Anne will be teaching Quantum Re-Coding which over-writes innate limiting beliefs with positive outcome. Do join us to re-write your life!

International Psychic

3 - 9 April 2018

Personal Readings ~ 45mins @ S$220

Anne Hassett, who has been psychic since childhood, chose the name Acushla to honour her Celtic origins and to have a name in keeping with her mission in life, which is to heal. The word Acushla in Gaelic means 'Pulse' (of the heart) or 'love' in the sense of compassion

Clients come from all over the country, and from parts of Europe, to see her in Bath, U.K, where she has been based for thirty years. She travels to several countries in Europe and has worked in America, Australia, New Zealand, The Middle East, and Far East. For twenty three years Acushla has worked several times a year in Hong Kong, where she has a huge and loyal following. She has featured on TV and radio, and in many international newspapers and magazines.

Acushla communicates with angels all the time and very often sees them around her clients when she is doing psychic readings. She is known for her no-nonsense approach to helping her clients with their problems and is well known for the accuracy of her insights. Her approach is a loving one and even if she sees something challenging or negative in a reading she will always give some guidance on how to overcome the problem and will suggests ways to create an alternative and more satisfying reality.|

Of late she has noticed an increased presence of angels and ascended masters as she is doing her readings and they are very insistent that she lets the client know of their presence.

Acushla has written a few books. Her book 'Reading Your Child's hand' , which has now been translated into Russian and Czech, has been invaluable to parents who want to help their children to get on in life.

Anne's /Acushla's latest book 'The Secret Power of the F-word' is a hugely spiritual book, despite its rather naughty title, and it can change lives if the principles in it are put into practice.

Anne is the author of a delightful book 'Angel Whispers': messages channeled from the angels.

Her latest book 'Dynamic Ageless You' is now available. It is a book about getting older without ageing, a meeting of Ageless Wisdom and Quantum physics.

For more information see her website

Quantum Recoding @ S$45
Sun 8 April 2018 @ 2pm - 5pm

Quantum Re-Coding is a 21st century healing technique that re-codes Low Self Esteem, Poverty Consciousness, Difficulties in Personal Relatinships, Unwanted Habits and Addictions, Youthing versus Ageing and Vibrant Health Versus Illiness - In Minutes.

Based on the discoveries of Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Paul Dennison, Psych K, Chris Walton Msc, and others. Quantum Re-Coding is a 21st century healing technique that can revolutionise your life by updating those outdated codes of behaviour with positive, appropriate alternatives.

Combined with muscles testing and cross body psoture, Quantum Re-Coding miraculously unites heart and mind to achieve a superconscious brain state resulting in positive and lasting change - instantly.

* Do you never have enough money ?
* Can't find the love you are seeking ?
* Don't believe you are good enough ?
* Wish you could change your job ?
* Do you have on-going health issues ?

The subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the conscious. Yet it's beliefs are programmed by the events, conditioning, and traumas experienced before the age of six. Beliefs you are not even aware of can be running your life.

Quantum Re-Coding unites heart and mind to achieve a superconscious brain state which brings about miraculous change instantly - no reliving of painful memories or long-term therapy.

Quantum Re-Coding overwrites innate limiting beliefs with positive outcomes - in minutes.

* due to limited space, pls book your seats early.

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