Intl Psychic Medium Clive Whitby will be here in Feb 2019 for a few days. A superb medium and psychic, Clive does not need a crystal ball or cards as he uses his natural abilities of clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance to give guidance on personal direction, business, health, relationships or spiritual matters.

Clive Whitby
International Psychic /
Spiritual Medium
22 - 28 Feb 2019


Clive has been working as a Professional Psychic/Spiritual Medium for approx 28 years. He uses his special gift to give accurate channelled information to those who need personal direction, guidance and reassurance on physical, emotional and spiritual matters such as business and relationships.

Clive doesn’t need to use any cards or crystal balls, only his natural abilities of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentient (sense/feelings) and linking with spiritual energies to give proof of survival when it is needed.

Born in the UK and based in Australia, he was awarded Best Psychic of the Year 2008-Queensland, Australia, by the Australian Psychic Association. He was voted by his peers in recognition of his gift. His work now takes him all around the world, from Australia, Asia, UK, USA and Europe.

Clive is a truly gifted Psychic/ Spiritual Medium, Intuitive Business Consultant, Spiritual Counsellor, Healer, Educator and Author, who has spent a great deal of his life helping others achieve their potential.

Consultation by Clive Whitby
Personal Reading - S$198 per 50 mins session
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“Thank you for the reading. It's incredible. You just looked at me and know everything of my inside.” (Carmen, Hong Kong)

“Thank you so much for the wonderful reading which has given me much insight and helped me make decisions and know the best way forward. “(Ivana, Kuala Lumpur).

“I have just been listening, for at least the sixth time, to the reading I had with you about George.....and each time I listen, I learn more and more about him and what he has said to you, all of it ringing true, and giving me a closeness to George that I couldn’t have got in any other way.” (Pam, Queensland, Australia)

“As always your words are such a big help for me!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
This is exactly what I have been thinking and dreaming! You are gifted to put it down in words for me, to see it more clearly and to trust it fully! “(Bettina, Germany)
Workshops Facilitated by Clive Whitby

Spiritual Awareness Circle
Working more closely with the spiritual world...
Date: TBA
Cost: S$50

Each time we put aside time to meditate we make the choice to open ourselves to another world. It’s a world that many people talk about and aspire to connect with. Using powerful, but simple meditation techniques you will be able to access the 'World of Spirit'. It gives you the opportunity to deepen your connection and to feel, sense, listen and communicate with the spiritual world.

Meet with your spirit guides, friends and helpers who are working with us to develop and increase our understanding. Feel the healing energy and connection with spirit. Learn simple and easy to use techniques to make the links with the higher energies.

Clive has been teaching for over 25 years and has helped with the psychic and spiritual development of students around the world. He is a member of the Spiritualist Union of GB and the Australian Psychics Association

Advanced Psychic/Mediumship Development workshop for those wanting to know more:
Date: TBA
Cost: S$280

For those who have already completed the Introductory Psychic awareness workshop.

This is the next step in developing your Psychic/mediumship abilities. Making deeper connections and raising awareness, abilities and energies to access the Spiritual world. This is a practical workshop and a must for those who want to develop their own mediumship abilities in a friendly and supportive environment.

You will experience:

* The connection with spirit.
* Further develop your interpretation of Symbolism and images.
* Simple and easy meditation techniques.
* Improved confidence as you access the higher energies.
* Learn to give and develop a simple mediumistic reading.
* And much more.

Reservation necessary.
Ring 6338 3173 or E-mail :-
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