Connie Angel will be with here from 1st July only for a few days. Connie works directly with Spirit and the Angelic Realms and is strongly psychic and clairsentient.

Connie Angel
Psychic, Medium,

Psychometry and Tarot

1 - 8 July 2018

Personal Readings ~ 45mins @ S$220

Connie is a medium, spiritual guide and coach with over 30 years of experience working with angels and spirits. As an experienced platform medium in different public forums, she appears regularly at several spiritualist churches in London. She is an international public figure passionate about working with the realm of angels. Through angelic communication and connection she has provided assistance to countless numbers of people.

Connie is fluent in English and Spanish

Connie first became aware of spirit at the age 6 and have had a strong and beautiful connection with them ever since. At the age of 20, she picked up a standard pack of cards and gave a reading to a friend who was in need at the time. Connie thought nothing more of it until she contacted me, two weeks later, to tell me that her predictions had come to fruition!

Connie works very closely with her spiritual guides, to help others and share her gifts, She works directly with Spirit and increasingly with the higher Angelic and Ascended Masters realms.

A warm and empathic reader Connie is strongly psychic and clairsentient and can provide guidance and clarity in whatever is needed to suit each client’s needs.

" I am professional, honest and accurate reader who is fully aware of the ethical responsibilities associated with this role."


Types of Readings Available by Connie

Psychometry - Connie is able to pick up feelings and associations relating to the object and awaken different responses from the article/object .

Angel Reading - Connie uses a set of Angel cards or she can do a reading without cards almost like mediumship.  The Angel reading is specifically a spiritual reading through angel communication and interpretation. Normally the messages are uplifting and positive.

Mediumship -  Connie can communication with the spirit world that provides a clear channel of communication to be able to assist and provide guidance to those who come in need.

Reiki Healing ~ 60mins @ S$220
A gentle and not invasive healing, combined with her angels, it helps to restore balance and harmony to your system.

Its like a battery charger helping the system of a human body by boosting the energies on the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

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