Psychic Tarot Consultant, specializing in career, business and spiritual readings David Taylor will be here from 12 Sept onwards only for a few days. Do give us a call for a booking if you need a some clarity in your life.

David Taylor
Tarot Consultant

12 - 15 Sept 2018

Personal Readings ~ 45mins - 1hr @ S$198
David is acknowledged to be one of the leading psychics in UK, and for many years has been helping people throughout the world with his predictions, words and guidance.
His readings are uncannily accurate and straight to the point and he needs no prompting, affirmations or information from his clients. David's aim is to help people overcome life's difficulties and guide his clients to achieve what they are fully capable of achieving, helping them to become the best they can be.
Business / Career Readings ~ 45mins - 1hr @ S$198
As well as personal readings David offers a specialized reading for his business clients. Focussing solely on the business/career environment he is able to look in detail at the trends and opportunities around the client in their day-to-day work environment and also the wider financial, political and social factors that may potentially have an influence on their business/career and financial progression. This consultation is designed to help the clients' business prospect and David will require information ( in confidence ) about the business, trends and personalities involved.
Spiritual Identity Consultation ~ 45mins - 1hr @ S$198
David has been guided to teach a technique for uncovering each individual's spiritual characteristics. Each of us has, in addition to our human personality, a unique spiritual identity. By using the information, channelled to him David has developed a reading using Numerology and Tarot, which reveals the essence of each person's spiritual being. This information helps to explain much of our human behaviour and highlights previously unrecognised strengths that we can call on to help us in our journey through life as well as to reach our goal of enlightenment.
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