Helen Barnes will be with us soon. Besides her healing and spiritual guidance sessions, Helen will be facilitating a 3 evening meditation / workshops and 2 fullday workshops.

Helen Barnes
International Healer, Channeler,
Spiritual Teacher and Author

21 - 30 August 2015


Helen Barnes is a Vibrational Sound Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Channel and Author. Helen came to the end of a long and successful Corporate career when she went through burnout and had what she describes as an emotional breakdown which was like hitting a brick wall.   With nowhere to go, having reached the end of the line, Helen embarked on a journey of healing herself and after a period of one year she had found her authentic self and began to walk a path of love and service. 

For the past 17 years now, Helen has lived in a state of surrender, in service to humanity, following the beat of her own heart. She is divinely inspired and guided by spirit and works with the Language of Light as potent harmonics and codes of creation. Her toning sounds are experienced as pure vibration to cut through the veil of illusion and reveal divine truth.

The focus of Helen's work at this time is assisting people with the new earth energies as consciousness is expanding and we remember who we truly are. Helen facilitates spiritual growth through healing, guidance, retreats and sacred journeys. She lived at the Pyramids of Egypt over a period of 5 years and has always been a 'traveller'. She lives in a state of open-hearted surrender, guided by spirit to flow with ease and grace deeper into the mysteries of life.

Helen's Session - S$180 per 60mins
Twin Flame & Soul-mate Relationships Alignment

In this session, Helen will bring through harmonic waves of energy in the form of encoded Light Language to align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to that of your Twin Flame or Soul-mate preparing you for such a union.

Once the realignment is fully integrated, you will be ready to attract a new sacred union that aligns with your current vibrational field and honors your pre-incarnation relationship contracts.
Sound Healing for Physical and Emotional Release

In these changing times we are being challenged to dig deep and heal old wounds and limiting beliefs. Physical manifestation of ‘dis-ease’ is often resistance and we must ‘let go’ of the old to make way for the new.

These sessions address past wounding and limiting beliefs stored in cellular memory, setting you free from emotional and physical pain. Past Life issues are also released in these powerful sound healing sessions.
Readings with Helen - S$180 per 60mins

Readings with Helen are mostly focused on spiritual growth. Questions such as ‘What is my purpose?’ and ‘Where to from here?’ are addressed as Helen channels guidance and insights from the spirit realms.

Readings can also focus on past lives and how they are playing out in this incarnation, often bringing clarity to an issue or issues that may have been puzzling for some time. Spirit Guides are often present taking the opportunity to communicate through Helen as a direct voice channel. Helen’s readings are insightful and healing and help to propel you forward on your journey of self-realisation.

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