DNA Healer and Psychotherapist Jaime Shine will be with here on 8th Jan. Jaime specialies in DNA restructuring and is now offering Advance DNA Chart and Light Language Maps. She is very passionate about empowering others to live a happy, healthy and purposeful life! .

Jaime Shine
DNA Healing and Charts

8 - 10 Jan 2018


Our DNA is a physical and energetic code that contains information and instructions that shape how our life is manifested. It determines our physical make up, dis-eases, our personality traits, behavior, material means and more.

Our DNA replicates and reproduces new cells all the time and that is why through DNA Healing, you are able to change the energetic codes it currently carries and remove traits that we do not want (diseases, lack, low esteem, fear) and insert the traits that we want (courage, good health, cash, happiness).

DNA Healing is a powerful and highly effective technique that has been passed down in an unbroken Mayan lineage that originated from Mexico and Korean Masters.

This powerful process anchors in profound shifts and changes effortlessly within you and family upward, downward and laterally reaching 1/32 of your genetic line giving deep healing and big changes in your family and your own life. Many have reported major positive changes within themselves and with their families physically, mentally, emotionally, materially and spiritually.Jaime will be offering 3 types of DNA services:

1. DNA Clearing Map - 2hrs @ S$300 per map

This process REMOVES and clears unwanted DNA patterns for you and your family line easily and swiftly working even on the most difficult patterns. Advisable to start with this to clear out your DNA.

Benefits of a DNA Clearing Map
- Remove Diseases (diabetes, cancer, back problems, etc)
- Change Physical attributes (better skin, less weight, more hair, etc)
- Remove Patterns (inability to secure wealth, abusive relationships, addictions, etc)
- Remove Personality Traits (fear, low self esteem, guilt, anger, phobias, procrastination, indiscipline, etc)
- Remove Spiritual patterns (past life vows, karma, chakra blockages, entities, etc

2. DNA Anchoring n Restructuring
2 - 2.5 hrs @ S$300 per map
(1st hr in person, other in facilitators own time)

This Map allows you to REMOVE attributes you do not want in your DNA and also INSERT attributes that you want. If you have been through many clearing sessions and are ready to insert in positivity into your life, this will be great for you. There are 12 Strands in total, and each map Anchoring Map you do will shift one strand.

Benefits of a DNA Anchoring and Restructuring
- Remove diseases, patterns, negative personality traits or change physical attributes
- Insert positive patterns (cash, opportunities, skills mastery, loving relationships, etc)
- Insert desired physical attributes (healthy skin, healthy metabolic rates, healthy heart, healthy immune system etc)
- Insert positive personality traits (joy, gratitude, self-confidence, self love, discipline)
- Insert positive spiritual traits (Clairvoyance, Psychic abilities, healing mastery, etc)

3. DNA Healing - 75mins @ $300 per session

This deep and profound healing shifts and heals all 12 Strands of your DNA. Works great as a follow up to your Anchoring Map or on its own, it brings deep profound healing on the conscious and subconscious to bring in the shifts that you need right now. Compacting and healing them so it functions at its optimal state and assist in bringing out the mapping most efficiently and affectively to manifest the positive changes.

These strands can also be identified to give you more information about who you are, why you are here and your life purpose

Light Language Maps
Introductory : S$450 for 2 Grids - Duration 3hours
( 1hour in person and 2hours facilitators own time )

A light language map is an energy grid that is put into your energy field to help manifest whatever you would want in your life. These shapes and colours vibrates at a certain frequency in your aura and subtle bodies and draws into your life the people, places and situations that will be conducive for you to manifest your heart’s desires.

Any areas of your life can be worked on and the grids work fast and stays intact through time. Some ideas include, cash increases by 25%, manifesting a mate, building a business or project, having more focus, harmony, love, discipline in your life, spiritual growth and more, anything can be worked on.

In any personal gird that you do, you will receive a free community grid, which works towards building a cause you believe in, like clean air in Singapore, more awareness, animal protection, peace on earth. This will be your community service to the world.



New DNA Advance Charts
1 Hour: S$200 (3 – 5 Charts)
1.5 Hours: S$300 (5 – 8 Charts)

A DNA Advance Chart will allow you to anchor in 1 key component in your life that will assist you to manifest a new reality now. This element can be anything from a physical aspect (removing illness or anchoring good health); a state of being (high self confidence, Discipline, Focus, Trust); an emotion (joy, peace, love) or a specific outcome that you require (Soul Mate, Job Promotion, Increment, specific project).  

One of the 12 Essences of Astaria (the world before Atlantis) namely Angel, Druid, Dwarf, Elf, Extraterrestrial, Fairy, Giant, Gnome, Leprechaun, Troll, Witch or Wizard will be called in to activate your chart throughout your 12 Strands of DNA for fast, effective manifestation. Part of this amazing session will include aligning your energy to what your heart truly desires.

*Please note that the amount of charts that can be done depends on your participation to allow the information and alignment of energies to come through.


“My divorce was dragging and I wanted to get out of it fast, so this really help speed things up and I got what I wanted” Anne K., KL

“I went in wanting to manifest for a new job but in actual fact, after speaking to Jaime, my heart really wanted a mate. And soon after, I met the love of my life and we are now married!” Carolyn, KL

Intuitive Healing S$200 per 60mins session
Jaimes uses her vast expertise in Energy Healing, Activations, Psychotherapy and relationship dynamic coaching to assist you in your transformation. If you are feeling stuck, unable to move foward or blocked, unsure of your passion or wanting to make decisions, do consult her and she will select the best modality for you.
THE - 30mins for One activation
4 activations a day : S$180 per activation
Package of 12 Activations : S$2100

The Ropanium Gods are ancient beings who were known for manifesting things out of thin air. Little is written about them, as this knowledge of them was passed vocally and through presence, or "caught" teachings in a long, unbroken lineage of Mexican curanderos. The Ropanium Gods are connected intimately and intricately with our DNA, and each of them corresponds to one of our 12 DNA Strands.

These Gods, govern and support positive changes within the Strands, reawakening Atlantean energies that has been lying dormant within you and can unlock and activate ancient gifts, talents that you may have forgotten or greatly enhance your current abilities that will empower you even more.

After receiving a Ropanium God Activation, Jaime will channel and or assist you in your retrieval of messages from each of the Gods. You will also receive a written note on each of the Gods you choose to work with in each session.

Choose the Ropanium God you would want to work with now in your life or have Jaime pick one for you that is most fitting in your life right now.

The 12 Ropanium Gods

Brings about new opportunities, fresh starts, new beginnings. Assists you in activating fast manifestation and activates the gift of Divine Timing.

Bring forth connections and harmonises energies within your own Self, your Aura and your relationships. It also manifests new relationships out of thin air.

Learn how to maintain healthy boundaries and bring out deep knowing and awareness in working with Universal Laws.

Allows for deeper connection within your own Self. And also to world concepts, your environment and a comprehension of energies and wisdom of how things work. Assist to adjust accelerating vibrations within your body.

Allows you to see, feel and know your own Self Value, or magnify them. Tune into your Purpose and your Purpose within the Divine Plan.

Allows you to breakthrough stagnation and make progress in your life. Assists in helping you to take the next step if you are lost, or make rapid progress if you need to make rapid shifts

Activate your gift of planning and getting things in order according to the Divine Blueprint and facilitates rapid manifestation

Brings forth spontaneity, breaks through control issues, and opens up opportunities in new spaces and places.

Shows the deeper contracts and attracts people and beings that are aligned with the manifestation of those contracts.

Gives you greater depth of strength on various levels in your life, bring forth deeper sense of courage to assist in your undertakings.

Revitalizes ancient connections within the brain, activating ancient knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and brightness.

Ignites and awaken your sensory experiences and fine tunes your capability to sense in all levels.

Each session take approximately 30 mins, typically in the 28 days to 6 months following this activation, the person notices astounding abilities emerging from their very core. Keys are unlocked and ancient qualities that have been lying dormant for thousands of years become active, as well as a profound transformation within the person’s DNA and life.

Pot of Gold Activation - 1.5hours
8 activations : S$777
4 activations : S$404
Our Auras and Chakras are vibration and frequencies that can be stuck and devitalised throughout our life causing illnesses, misfortune and stuckness. This technique brought by the Mayans allows you to receive the ray of light from the rainbow into your chakras.

These session will bring healing, clarity, directions, action, cash, energy, movement, life force, revitalisation, relaxation, flow, stronger connection to the divine, your pyshic gifts, connection to others, synchronicity and much much more.

Book 3 Sessions and Receive 1 Advance DNA Chart - S$900
Highly Recommended for Complete Healing, Sessions can be carried out in person over 3 consecutive days or continued as distant healing over skpe. Plus Receive 1 powerful DNA Advance Chart to anchor in powerfully 1 specific trait across all 12 strands.

* Note: To prepare for these sessions, please think about what you would like to remove or insert in your life on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.

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About Jaime Shine

Jaime is highly passionate about empowering others to live a happier, healthier and purposeful life. She has picked up various modalities throughout the years from Energy Healing, Emotional Healing, Psychic readings to Psychotherapy. She is a Presence Healer, Psychotherapist and is gifted to see and uncover the root cause of blockages that people are experiencing now have in their life that is causing stress and dis-ease now and to shift that and to bring this to awareness and light so that it can be healed.

Jaime is the Founder of HeartWorks Holistic Centre in KL, Malaysia - A beautiful and peaceful sanctuary with many local and international facilitators that assist individuals to improve all aspects in their life. She enjoys creating shifts in people through DNA Healing both locally and internationally.

Each session does not overlap and is unique.
Reservation necessary. Ring 6338 3173
Testimonials for DNA Healing

"I have under gone so many difficulties in life & I feel that I am lucky to have done the DNA Mapping. Unexpectedly I came across DNA mapping done by Jaime. Once I read about her I was so eager to learn more & more deeply about DNA mapping & the benefits I gain. I had numerous questions about the mapping where I was answered & explained step by step.

I told Jaime all about me & what I wanted & where I want to be. There after I had my DNA Mapping sessions through skype, as I am residing in Sri Lanka. Right after completing all the sessions, I felt everything within & around me are changing accordingly. I got my expected employment opportunity overseas as I told her. I met new people which created new opportunities & my Dads business started doing well too.

After this session me & my family are living happily, so If you want to unlock your doors, create opportunities, do not hesitate but go for it."

~ Erandha Appuhamy, Sri Lanka

"My DNA Anchoring session was done on 1 July and within days, amazing events manifested including hiring an incredible business coach and got linked into a global group of successful people to create passive income, and experiencing the miracle of owning my own home again. All of this has happened in a space of 3 weeks only. I highly recommend having a session with Jaime".

~ Sukhwinder Kaur, The Journey Practitioner and Founder of Journey into Heart, Australia

“It has been 2 weeks after my DNA Clearing Map and I feel relieved and what I wanted to remove from my life is happening. I smoke less, feel less fearful, manage to stay calm in family controversies and feel more positive with my life now. Thank you Jaime for giving me this unforgettable gift"
~ Cheryl Yee, KL Malaysia

“I did the DNA Clearing Map, DNA Mapping and DNA Healing session package with Jaime in September 2013. Prior to this I have learnt and experienced different healing modalities, yet the DNA sessions have totally blown me away. After the DNA mapping session, I could feel a lot of negative energies removed, it was an uneasy period because things were out of my expectation: doors were closed to me in my career, there is a bigger void between me and some people, unknown pain surfaced in my body, etc.

A few months later now as I looked back I realized my life has been redirected to a different path. For the past few months the universe has led me to look within myself, I have taken other healing sessions with Jaime and other healers to work on some deep rooted issues, to discover myself. The universe is changing me by sending different people to give me messages, and coming across books that shift my perspectives. Through all these I have started to develop the qualities that I have intended in the DNA Mapping, such as self-love, confidence, clarity, joy etc. And new things start to come into my life.

As for the DNA healing session, it helped me to remember who I am, and what purpose I am here for. As I remember myself, I feel myself becoming more complete, there is more fullness in me. The DNA sessions are working at very deep levels of the person. It is beyond our intellectual understanding and expectations, I would suggest anyone who is interested to take the sessions without judgement about how things should be, and everything will be unfolded beautifully.Thank you Jaime and Selena Rodriguez for this beautiful technique.”
~ Rachel Ng, Malaysia


The information and services on this website should not be considered medical advice, and it is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any illness, or to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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