Intl Psychic Medium and Rebirth Julie Cook will be here in in March 2019 for a few days. Julie has over 32years experience and has worldwide clientele. Do join us for an evening Celtic Meditation and Talk facilitated by Julie. Due to limited space do call to book you seat.

Julie Cook
Psychic, Medium, Rebirther

26 - 30 Mar 2019

Personal Readings ~ 45mins @ S$220

Julie's abilities began to manifest very early in childhood, a natural Psychic and Medium, Julie would see and hear spirit as easily as she could see the physical beings around her, she learned to trust her spirit allies completely and as a result she has been able to help thousands of people worldwide and from all walks of life.

She was given the name Ravenstar through her deep Celtic soul link and connections with Native American Medicine.

Julie has worked and studied a variety of healing techniques including Body Magic (language and expression) and Body Harmony. She is also a Reiki Master, and Rebirther and runs Seminars and Courses and Retreats on Psychic and Spiritual Development, Numerology and Tarot often working closely with other well known personalities. 

Julie’s down to earth approach combined with her Compassion, Clarity and Accuracy have gained her a notable client list which includes celebrities nobility and individuals from the private and corporate sector. She has appeared on Radio and TV at home and abroad and is a regular guest on Psychic Shows around the UK.

Rebirthing ~ 65mins @ S$280
Rebirthing works on an emotional level and is dynamic and powerful. The process bypasses the conscious mind so it is very practical. Many people have reported that just one session has helped them more than years of psychotherapy!

A Rebirthing session takes about 65minutes and is unique to the individual. The first 20 minutes, Julie will be looking at your issues and setting the intent for the session, after which you will be gently guided to breathe for approximately 45 minutes.

During the session you may experience a multitude of feelings; both physical and emotional as old patterns are released. You may laugh, cry, shout or just quietly let go, you may feel tension or tingling in the areas of your body where trauma has been held. Every person is unique and your session will fit you perfectly.

Julie Cook has worked with this technique since first coming across it in Egypt in the early 90s while taking part in a Body Magic seminar with Patrick Collard and Don Mcfarland.

Julie has great integrity and passion for her work, and her intuitive approach, warmth and clarity help to make the session a truly rewarding experience leading to greater levels of joy and enthusiasm in all areas of your life!

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Celtic Meditation - Pay as you Wish
Wed 20th March 2019 : 7.30pm
Join us for an evening meditation as Julie brings you into a Celtic Journey where you will meet with the Druids and Priestesses. Take a leap of faith in the magical journey greeted by divine beings with personal messages. The meditation will work closely with the energy of the group.

Due to limited space please call 6535 1949 to book your seat.
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