Jiva Nadi Astrologer T Bala will be here in from Dec 6th onwards. He is known for giving indepth readings to his clients with remedies and Jiva Nadi. Each reading takes up to 2hours to find the right match of your life happenings. Per day readings are limited so do call to book your slot.

T Bala
Astro Nadi Leaf and Jiva Nadi

6th - 23rd Dec 2019

Personal Readings ~ S$300 ( estimate 2hrs )

Nadi Leaf Astro reading is based on events that was foreseen by SaptaRishis ( Ancient Sages ) in the ancient times and was written on Palm Leaves. The manusripts reveals a persons past, present and future lives as foreseen by the rishis.

A thumb impression is taken first and then from the various palm leaves which is catalogued based on the types of thumb print, Bala will go through the leaves till the details of the person and leaves matches, which do take some time. Before the reading starts, your astrological planets, name of parents, wife/husband, education, profession is confirmed. The reading is in ancient Tamil but it will be translated to English.

A session will cover the General Chapter which is about your current life to the end, Past Life ( Santi Chapter ) and then remedies will be suggesed to rectify past events in your life. And if one is lucky Deeksha Chapter ( mantras ) will be given.

The following are specific Chapters/Kadams for those interested in:

2 - Wealth and Education
3 - Brothers, Sisters - ill feeling in siblings etc
4 - Mothers, House, Fortune, Vehicles
5 - Children, Progeny, Pregnancy - remedial given if available
6 - Disease, Debt, Enemies, Court Cases - remedival given if available
7 - Matrimony - delays or remedial of current marriage
8 - Longevity - life span
9 - Father, Properties, Spirituality, Charity
10 - Business, Profession
11 - 2nd Marriage and Business/Profits
12 - Expenditure, Foreign Trips, Next Birth, Salvation

Jiva Nadi ~ S$300 ( estimate 30min - 1hr )
One of Bala's speciality is Jiva Nadi which does not require a thumb impression. The text will appear to the reader on the palm leave in response to the clients question or questions. Prepare 5 questions that you would like to ask.
* important : The General Chapter has to be done before Jiva Nadi can be read.
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About T Bala

T Bala is a Nadi Astrologer who has been predicting people's future, reading palm leaves written by the Ancient Siddhas/Saints for the past 36 years right from the age of 16 and he is the fourth of his generation in Nadi Astrology. Swamy Bala's astrology started at VaitheeswaranKoil which the birthplace of Nadi. He has met and predicted for very very important people at a very young age and has a remarkable experience and accuracy in Nadi. He is also a Teacher and has taught many Nadi Astrolgoers who are all over India and many other countries.

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