Helen Barnes will be with us soon. Besides her healing and spiritual guidance sessions, Helen will be facilitating a 3 evening meditation / workshops and 2 fullday workshops.

Evening and One Day Workshops
facilitated by
Helen Barnes

Attracting More Abundance into Your Life
Monday 24 August
@ 7pm : S$90

The universe is abundant and we all have the ability to tap into this abundance and manifest all that we deserve.  The main block to manifesting abundance is our own beliefs that get in the way.  Beliefs that we are not good enough, or unworthy and often there is a deep belief around ‘lack’.  Helen will channel Light Language healing energies to clear blockages that are holding you back from manifesting the abundance that is your divine birthright and clear any karmic issues that are standing in your way.

Divine Purpose Activation
Wednesday 26 August @ 7pm : S$90

Many are being called into service at this time as the great spiritual awakening of souls on Planet Earth is in full flow.  Are you ready to embrace your soul contract and fulfill what you came here to do?  If so, come along to this evening where Helen will channel Light Language Activations to re-awaken your Soul’s Blueprint for this incarnation and prepare you to step more fully into service at this time.

Divine Matrix Recalibration and Circuitry Upgrade
Friday 28 August @ 7pm : S$9pm

From 23 to 28 September 2015 humanity is going to go through a major download of light which will flood Planet Earth with divine coding that has the potential to shift many souls into full alignment with the 5th Dimensional energies. 

This is a flow-on from the 21/12/2012 energy shift in consciousness and will impact all on the earth plane. This evening Helen will channel codes and calibrations to prepare you for this great time in our spiritual evolution to ensure that you are ready to embrace these energies and move into full alignment with your 5th Dimensional Hu-man Galactic Being.

The Star Gate Zelda – 1 Day Workshop and Initiation
Sunday 23 August 11am to 5pm
: S$200

The time has come for the masses on planet earth to awaken to the divine knowledge and wisdom within.  Those of you who have already walked the path of consciousness are being called upon to give yourselves in service to bring about the great shift that is required for humanity to ascend.  Are you ready?!

Helen Barnes has been asked by the Galactic Federation to facilitate a workshop of initiation for light workers to bring a new and profound way of assisting the awakening of the masses at this time.  The content of the workshop will be channeled directly through Helen to participants in preparation for the work you are about to begin.
The day will unfold in divine perfection and all will be revealed.

Part 1
The first part of the workshop will be to clear old energies and any past life issues that are standing in the way of your readiness for this commitment to serving the light and to raise and/or align your vibration with the frequencies required for this work.

Part 2
The second part will be to travel to the Star gate which is a hub in the sixth dimension from where you will access your Galactic Guides and Masters from the Star Systems of Lyra, Sirius, Orion, Arcturus, Andromeda and the Pleiades.  You will be guided through techniques to enter the Intergalactic Highways to lead you to the higher dimensions where your guides await you.

Part 3
Having met your guides and masters you will be activated with high frequency electrons which will imprint your consciousness with the codes and reconfigured atomic structure (DNA) to undertake this work.
Part 4
You will be instructed on how to use your new energies to help the awakening of mass consciousness on planet earth.  You will be given symbols and mantras to use for your protection and continued activation.

Having completed this process of initiation you will emit specific higher frequencies of light which will attract those of a lower consciousness into your reality – rather like a magnet.  You will find people are drawn to you to talk about spirituality and you will be in a position to open the door for them.  Effectively you will have been programmed with specific codes that will activate when you are called into service

On the physical level all you need do is to talk about spirituality as you know it – your story, however, on an energetic level, you will operate as a transmitting device emitting high frequency codes which will be imprinted on those in your presence.  And your work will be done.  People will ask for your advice as they will be seeking knowledge on how to develop their own divinity and you can point them in the right direction so that they may begin their journey of ascension.   If you are currently working metaphysically, then this will bring more clients your way.  If you are in the world of commerce, you will be able to reach many who may otherwise stay sleeping.

You have incarnated at this most exciting of times on planet earth to work your magic and your time has

Dare to BE YOU - Empowered, Authentic, Extraordinary
Saturday 29 August 2015 :
11am to 6pm : S$200

You are a magnificent multi-dimensional being of light
You are a radiant illuminated celestial being
You are the love and light of the creator
You are a powerful spiritual being
You are all of your potential NOW
You are divine love incarnate

In this workshop you will explore and unleash who you truly are.  Helen will take you on a series of journeys and processes to discover places deep within where your purest essence dwells. Where love is all you BE.

You will reconnect with your innermost light and re-kindle the fire of passion of your true creator self.
You will align with the celestial over lighting guardians who illuminate the pathways of your soul. 
You will explore your authentic (or God) self and reclaim your birth right to shine your light here on earth as pure radiant joy. 
You will align with the womb of the Great Mother to empower you and help your creative juices flow.
You will appreciate your exquisite beauty as love incarnate and open to love yourself through sacred Union within.
You will move beyond the ego and into your higher mind of all knowingness.

As a channel for the harmonic sound frequencies of creation (the Language of Light) Helen will bring through potent codes and energetic sequences to re-calibrate and re-align you with your purest expression as consciousness expressing in form.  Visualise and feel yourself arriving as a fresh newly formed rosebud and leaving as a magnificent rose in full bloom.

There is no time to waste!  Ascension is here now! 5th dimensional New Earth is here now!  You are here now!  So, Dare to BE YOU and step up to take your place in being the change you came here to BE.
Quote from Helen: 'I have never and will never aspire to be normal.  I choose to be extraordinary in every way I know how'.

sign up for 3 evening workshops and pay only : S$240
sign up for 2 one day workshop and pay only : S$360

Reservations necessary for workshop call 6338 3173
e-mail :- mail@sacredspace.com.sg
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