Zodiac Angelic Predictions for 2015 by Acushla's Angels

I am not an Astrologer. Each Astrological Sign has its own Overlighting Angel . By tuning in to this Angel I get predictions for the coming year. The angels can be uncannily accurate as the client feedback has shown. Hope the following is of help to you. xxoo


You may have found 2014 somewhat challenging. Now is the time to move on. You have cleared some major karma. Don' t look back now. Things cannot be changed in retrospect...you can't make a snowman with last years snow! You have learned from your past. Now it is time to look to the future.

The angel of your sign for this year is Archangel Metatron. Metatron opens doors for you. Doors of perception and doors of opportunity.

Doors of perception means that you will begin to see things in a new light. Expect many 'light bulb moments'. Anticipate those 'Aha' insights when you suddenly see where you have been making mistakes. You may also begin to see people around you in an entirely new light, pay attention to this as there may be some people you need to move away from.

Doors of opportunity are being revealed to you by this powerful angel. Thus it is important for you to keep your eyes (and ears) open. And when those doors open......take a chance. 'Who dares.....wins'. Seize the chance, with courage in your heart, move forward in confidence and keep your connection to Archangel Metatron always in your mind. Call upon him for help when you need it.

Building, property, real estate are all good for you in the coming months. Tangible assets are preferable to intangibles.

Love life is hectic for you and choices constantly present themselves, even if you are in a settled relationship. This is where you need prudence and discernment. Talk to Metatron about it in the quiet of your heart.

Lucky numbers for you are 5, 6, 19. Colours :Red. Green and White. Wear some clear quartz or carry a clear quartz crystal on your person. Lucky Countries for business: U.K. Japan and Australia. Fun places for holidays and personal life: Turkey. India and Spain.


Start slowly this year. Don't rush at things. Allow yourself to stop, think and get a clear idea of where you are going and what and who you want in your life this year .It might even be good for you to have a little time out to make a few lists, define your goals and establish a life plan, or at least, a plan for this year.

It has been proven by many Personal Development Gurus and Life Style coaches, that the actual act of writing down what you want, makes a tremendous difference in attaining and achieving your goals.

Having clear goals is important for you dear Taurus, as this year, everything gains speed and momentum as the year unfolds. Archangel Muriel is by your side to be your very own private coach, mentor and protector. How good is that!

You personal life is set to be more rewarding than it has been for many a year and in the second half of the year, most of you become virtual magnets for money! As the saying goes; 'make hay while the sun shines', grab these blessings while you can and store them up for future use.

Your only challenge this year is combating the effects of over-indulgence. Watch your diet. This is a time when you could pile on the pounds. And, as you know, those pounds are easy to put on and not so easy to lose.

A great year to start up a new venture or new business. Funding your efforts should not be a problem as others see the value in what you are proposing to do.

There could be concern for older folk around you and you need to delegate some responsibility in this area.

Marriage is on the cards for some Taureans. Your personal magnetism is at an all-time high. House moves or relocation also likely.

Your Lucky Taurean Numbers are : 5, 7, 11, 33. Favourable colours : White, Silver and Gold. Wear gold next to your skin. Fortunate places for business and money are Russia, Dubai and Singapore. Favourable places to relax and holiday are Greece, Panama and France.


Wey, Hey! This is the year you have been waiting for. You can now look back on all those years of struggle, limitation and strife with a sigh of relief. At least, that is the outlook for most Geminis in 2015, but for those of you who cling to old outmoded behaviour and hang on to old resentments, there could also be a few more painful lessons to learn.

Your Guiding Angel of your sign is Archangel Gabriel for this time. Call on him/her to help you particularly with your creative endeavours. Before you attempt any creative projects, sit for a moment, close your eyes and 'tune in' to Archangel Gabriel. You will soon discover that this will significantly enhance your creative ideas.

Take a good , clear look at your love life. Are you really happy? Are you compromising? Ask Gabriel to help you to see the situation clearly. If you are not happy, then surely, you need to make changes.

Other countries are important for you this year. Your best successes will be abroad or in dealing with people who are not from your own country. You are likely to find money coming in to your coffers from foreigners or foreign places.

Some of you need to be ready to be in the limelight. If you have been aiming towards the spotlight; this is the year you can make it.

Children, young people and pets are a source of a lot of comfort and fun.

Investments look good and you can look forward to a good financial year. Gambling, however, is out; and if you are losing at gambling, for goodness sake cut your losses and don't chase your luck. It does not lie in that area.

Your lucky numbers are: 8, 16, 31 and 42. Your best colours are Light blue, Yellow and Red. Wear a ruby crystal or stone. Fortunate places for money or business: China, Vietnam or Scandinavian countries. Best place to holiday or even to invest in holiday property is Hawaii. Portugal or Thailand.


Be gentle with yourself at the start of the year. Pamper yourself. Go to a Spa, have a series of massages , or if none of those are possible, just take more time out and be good to yourself.

It's just that you need to be kind to yourself now as you have been expending a lot of effort on others and not taking care of yourself. It is all very well and very admirable to look after others, but not to the detriment of yourself. In fact, it is counter productive. You will have a lot more to give to others if you take care of yourself first.

Young people may need your guidance and some of them will need a firm hand as well. Letting them get away with unreasonable or bad behaviour will only be detrimental to them in the long term. They have lessons to learn. 'Tough Love' is necessary.

This year, on no account, get involved in other people's arguments and do not try to be a mediator. You will get caught in the flak!

Archangel Raphael is with you at this time and will walk with you wherever you go this year. If you are a therapist , healer or care worker yourself, you are always helped by Raphael. The more conscious you are of Raphael's help the more you will receive of it.

You may be thinking of a change of career. Talk it over with someone first, get some advice. A Psychic Reading may help or a chat with your careers advisor. For many of you, it seems to be the right time to move on, to stretch your limits a bit more; to get out of your comfort zone.

Any Cancerians thinking of working in another country are likely to be very fortunate this time. Foreign shores beckon. Remember to have that time of rest and reflection before you make any major decisions and talk it over with an advisor. Hand it over to Raphael as well.

Your lucky Cancerian numbers for 2015 are: 6, 19, 20 and 30. Lucky colours, Orange, Sage Green and Violet. Wear Malachite or keep a malachite stone nearby. Lucky Countries for work or Business: America, Canada or Belgium. Lucky places to holiday or rest; Bali, Sweden or New Zealand.


With Archangel Michael by your side for 2015, coupled with your own courage and determination, you can move mountains this year dear Leo.............mountains of low self-esteem, mountains of fear, mountains of negative thinking, even mountains of debt if you have any. Ask Archangel Michael , with his sword of light, to cut away any shackles that bind you now.

You can and will move forward. That does not mean that you will not have challenges. You have big ideas and big ambitions, so naturally, the challenges will not be puny. But you can do it. You and Michael make a formidable team!

Early Spring is a time to start projects. That does not mean that you sit on your laurels till then. The coming couple of months are preparation time. Line up your sights, get your facts and figures straight, talk to whoever you need to talk to. Do the research. Then be ready to go!

Iron out any tangles you may have in your love life. You are going to be too busy later in the year to have time to give your love life the attention it may need. Your personal magnetism is high and your profile is due for a big boost.

Pay attention to balance...........balance in activity, eating , exercise and well-being in general. You may have a tendency to overdoing certain things.

Nice surprises have a habit of popping up when Archangel Michael is around. So be ready for the unexpected. In fact, what you do expect to happen this year, may not, or at least not in the way you think. And what you don't expect to happen probable will. All in the best possible way !

Family members need some attention and an older person around you may move on. There are many celebrations too with friends and family, births, weddings and big birthdays.

Your biggest danger this year is having too much on the go at once. This is where the balance comes in. Ask Michael for help with this.

Your lucky numbers for this year are 10, 15, 27 and 35. Lucky Colours: Red. Brown and Dark Blue. Wear a diamond or carry a clear quartz crystal. Lucky places for business and money: Hong Kong., U.K, Ireland and Croatia. Good places for recreation and fun are Holland, Vietnam, Australia and Venezuela.


With Archangel Raziel by your side for 2015, magic is in the air! Look for the magic all around you. Create magic. Expect magic. Look beyond the mundane. Look behind appearances. Think outside the box!

Get in touch now with your creative abilities. People think of the word creative in connection with art or music or writing. But there are other ways of being creative,
like creating your own reality.

We have enough knowledge and understanding these days to know that we create our own lives by the thoughts we think, the emotions we have and the actions we take. Great Teachers have been telling us this for thousands of years, but now Quantum Physics lends strong support to the idea and Life-Style gurus and Motivational Speakers tell us this all the time.

Let go of your doubts and your fears. Stop analysing everything with your mind. Step into the rhythm of your heart and listen to your hear'ts whispers. Your heart knows all.

Opportunities await you. New doors open for you. Trust a little..........even trust a lot. Put your hand in the hand of Archangel Raziel who has chosen to be with you at this time as the over-lighting angel of Virgo for 2015.

Time to make some changes. Your job for instance. If you don't like it, change it. Lay aside all the "but's" and "if's". Don't argue for your limitations.

And what about that relationship of yours? Does it need a shake-up? Maybe some new lines of demarcation need to be established. Or maybe you need to change altogether. Only you can tell. And if you 're in doubt, remember you have an angel of magic right by your side to call upon. If you are not in a relationship at all and would like to be, now is the time you can magic one into your life. Write out your list of what you want in a partner. Read it for 10 days, making any adjustments you want as you read it. Then at the end of ten days, read it out loud to Raziel and the universe and let go of it. It is out of your hands then and in the hands of powers greater than yourself.

Your lucky numbers: 7, 13, 21 38. Lucky colours: Green, Gold and Deep Purple. Wear an Amethyst crystal . Lucky places for career and money: Ireland. Chile, U.K and Japan. Great places for travel: Burma, Italy, Taiwan and U.S.A.


Time to break out...........or at least break open the bubbly! Time to shine, to sparkle, to get out of your rut.

Celebrate your uniqueness this year. Stop hiding your magnificence; your special talents and gifts; your very own brand of 'beingness'. Hey, if not now......when?

First...Stop.....take stock. Take a good unbiased look at yourself. Don't be too modest or self effacing. That's not going to get you anywhere. Your very own angel for 2015 is Archangel Haniel. Haniel loves beauty, sensuality, living life to the full. There is a quality of effervescence about you this year. And it is yours to share with others. Inspire them. Uplift them.

This is a year, with Haniel's help, you can really make a difference in the lives of many people. If you are a teacher of any kind, whether that is a school teacher or a Self Help teacher, you can really have a positive impact. Your words will flow and they will flow where needed.

Half way through the year....take a holiday. Go to an island somewhere. Watch the magic happen for you. If you are looking for romance; you may just find it. Music is important for you too. Surround yourself with harmonious sound.

Work situations may throw a little shadow on what is otherwise a happy time, so do something about it. You are not married to work, you can change it. And none of that 'I can't change it because...'. You are in charge. You can, if you but will, step out of any form of victim-hood now and step into Mastery.

A great year for you to move home if that is what you desire. And do not move into the first home you find, there is a better one around the corner.

Male Librans have a great money year, whereas Female Librans seem to be more lucky in love.

Your lucky Libra numbers are 13, 14, 21 and 33. Lucky colours Pink. Lilac. Azure blue and soft gentle Green. Wear or carry some jade. Best places for business and money Ecuador. Brazil. Italy and Scotland. Lucky places for romance and relaxation are Italy (especially Tuscany), Belgium, Thailand and Morocco.


This year is a bit of a roller-coaster for you. Especially regarding the pace at which it flows. A hectic start, then a slow phase, then hectic again, then slow and so on. Just observe the rhythms. Get in synch with what you can't control.

Archangel Camael has chosen to be with you. He/she is the archangel of courage, empowerment and justice. If you have any situations involving legalities or any battles that you may have to engage in, Archangel Camael is right there by your side to ensure safe passage and harmonious outcomes. If not harmonious in all cases, then at least Just.

You have also attracted the attention of St. Germain, the keeper of the Violet Flame of Transformation. This is a time for you now, dear Scorpio to let go of all your past hurt, pain and negativity. St. Germain is only too glad to take this negativity from you and to dissolve it in the Violet Flame. All you have to do is ask. So when these dips in the energy pattern of this year occur, take some time out, step aside as much as you can from hectic activity and allow the marvellous changes to happen. St. Germain will help you to dissolve what you don't want and Camael will help you to build up the new.

Time for change and restructure!

If you meet a new love............don't rush in. If he or she is the right one, they will wait. You need to be sure. This time you really want to get it right. Those Scorpios in established relationships may want to draw up some new conditions and even to renew their vows.

This is also a year for your psychic development. Do not dismiss those flashes of insight you are receiving. They are not flukes, you are getting more tuned in. Very useful for all areas of your life. Intuition gives you the edge.

For many Scorpios, this is a fabulous year for money, and much of it coming from unexpected quarters. Invest wisely and you could be set for life.

Children delight and perplex . If you have children of your own, they will surprise you (nicely) and if you do not have any, you are likely to be drawn into the celebrations of children of friends and family.

Your lucky numbers are : 1, 2, 19 and 28. Lucky Colours: Red . Magenta, Maroon and Silver. Wear silver next to your skin. Lucky places for business and money: South Africa, Denmark, China and U.K. Best places for love and fun: U.S.A (East coast). Switzerland. Japan and Spain.


Take time out dear Sagittarius. Take yourself away for a few days to somewhere where you will not be disturbed. You are always so busy and have not been taking time for you.

Archangel Haniel, the archangel of love, compassion and beauty has popped into your sphere right now and wishes you to connect with the energy of love......love for yourself. You could also do with a good strong dose of compassion for yourself too. And , when you take that time out, go somewhere beautiful in nature. Do not take notebooks to fill with 'stuff', do not feel that it is a time to work on yourself. This whole idea of working on yourself implies that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. There isn't . You are a perfect child of God. Just Be. Take time on your time out to connect with the beauty of nature. Let nature enfold and nurture you.

This is a year of Love for you. A new love may come in to your life or an existing relationship will take on a new depth and quality. Friendships deepen and new friends come along to share your journey.

You have lots of plans in your head. In fact , your head is buzzing with ideas. Slow down and allow the insights and inspiration to unfold. Your buzz-word for this year could very well be Allow!

When you allow and get out of your own way, you will find that you will attract more money and abundance into your life. The key is to be aware of your inner divinity. Archangel Haniel will help you with that.

Family matters are high on your agenda this summer and it is important that you know that you are not responsible for the actions, and resulting consequences, of adult family members behaviour. They have their own lessons to learn.

Younger children in your life will delight and amaze. Awards and achievements are on the cards for some of them.

Your lucky numbers are 7, 13, 21 and 28. Your lucky colours Emerald Green, Jade and Rose pink. (Wear some Rose quartz). Good places for love and leisure are Italy, Hungary, Finland and Scotland. Lucky places for money and business are China including Hong Kong, U.S.A and U.K.


Archangel Cassiel comes to bring you some much needed balance and serenity. If your life has been out of balance, soon you will find that a lot is changing for the better. This year, make a point of observing your thought patterns and see how much you hold thoughts of worry and fear. Some wise soul said " Worry is praying for what you don't want".

This is a year, where with Cassiel's help, you can crack this self-sabotaging habit once and for all. Really, really focus on the random and stray thoughts that pop into your head and let go immediately of the negative ones. What you focus on, you get more of, so foster and nurture the habit of positive thinking. It is not an easy habit to change but it will change your life when you conquer this destructive tendency.

Your love life looks a bit complicated. Now is the time to ask yourself if you are being totally honoured and supported by your present relationship and , if not, it may be time to get a few things clear. Does your partner really know you and respect your life path and your hopes and dreams? It may be time to redefine the whole thing now. Some of you may not have a partner and this is the year when the right one is scheduled to come along. Take off the rose tinted spectacles and sit down together and talk about how you can truly honour and fulfil one another's needs . Create a template for your partnership. Establish ground rules and boundaries early on.

This is a great year for you if you are contemplating buying or selling property and many Capricorns are likely to move home this year. If you are in the property or construction industry, you should have a profitable year.

Capricorns in the healing or caring professions will be in great demand and you might think of adding another 'string to your bow' , by adding another qualification or skill to your repertoire.

Your psychic powers and connection to the unseen realms of reality are sharpened. Do not be afraid of this. It can be a little strange but just absorb it. It will be useful in your work. It will also be useful in your own life, in your dealings with loved ones and people around you. Trust your intuition.

Your lucky numbers are 17, 19, 23 and 33. Your lucky colours are charcoal grey. (Wear a black agate or obsidian), Blue, and Red. Good countries for love and relaxation are Indonesia (Bali) Australia and Chile. Lucky places for business and money are Poland, Russia , Japan and Spain


This is a year when your buried genius can come to the fore. Archangel Raphael, the archangel of healing, energy and knowledge is delighted to be walking by your side and helping and inspiring you.

Archangel Raphael will also help you this year to heal all old hurts and pain from the past. Make a point of consciously connecting on a daily basis with this beautiful angel and asking him/her to help you to forgive and let go. A little support from a past-life therapist would also be a good idea at this time as you can let go of some hurt and pain you have carried over from previous lives. As you do all that clearing in the early part of the year, perhaps a good physical detox would be a good idea around about April time. Try a Colonic Hydrotherapy session or two also to have a major clear out. A few days at a Health Spa, Healing centre or Retreat centre is a great idea for you at this time and Archangel Raphael will be right there by your side.

By the time early summer comes you will be well on your way and have that boundless energy and drive to move forward at a rapid pace. Like a diamond that has been cleaned, you will shine, radiate and sparkle. Others will be drawn to you as never before. Your popularity soars, your career takes on new possibilities and you are in great demand.

Love life should be quite scintillating for many of you. Partners or lovers from a completely different background to yours are very likely. Try to find the common denominator and iron out any cultural differences before you get too enmeshed. For Aquarians in already established relationships, be aware that your partner may be somewhat confused by your new energy and your new demeanour and may take a little time to adjust.

New creative ideas come to you. And some Aquarians may cause a little controversy by expounding radical opinions. Temper your enthusiasm and feed it to them gradually!

You are likely to question your political allegiances and may feel that you would like to be politically active. Perhaps you should consider that you have too much going on already. Those of you in the media or entertainment world can have some lovely breakthroughs this year. If you work is in business or involved with money , you can expect good rewards.

Your lucky numbers are 1, 2, 15 and 18. Lucky colours are Silver, Green and White. Wear some hematite to help you to keep grounded. Lucky places for love and leisure are Taiwan. France and Canada. Lucky places for money and business are Germany, South Africa and New Zealand.


Take time out to play in the early part of 2015 as you won't have a lot of time to spare as the year goes on. Archangel Jophiel wishes to be your guide and mentor at this time. Archangel Jophiel will help you to integrate the higher aspects of consciousness and being. She will also oversee and guide you through your increasing awareness and will endow you with added wisdom, steadfastness and divine love.

Be particularly aware of your dreams now and make time to meditate. If you are not one for sitting in long periods of silence and contemplation, do at least make sure that you find several times a day just to 'connect'. A few times a day when you stop and remember the divine nature of your being and remember who you truly are, will pay countless dividends.

Your trust in one or two people around you could be challenged in 2015 . Do not let it make you cynical or untrusting. Remember that most people are doing the best they can. Show compassion. But , it also teaches you an invaluable lesson about discernment. Look before you leap.

Love-life for most of you gets off to a quiet start. Use the available time you have to get out and about more and meet new people. Stretch your comfort zone. Do things which are different and attempt things you have never done before. Getting old is not about age. It is about closing down to life.

Summer is your best time for romance and flirtations. And many Pisceans could meet a big love this year. Enjoy it but do not lose yourself in it. Retain your self.

Two half people do not make a whole, but two whole people make a
beautiful relationship'.

Family will lean on you more than usual and remember to have your boundaries. Children need discipline rather than indulgence. Having strong boundaries applies to friendships too. Observe those around you who are more inclined to take than to give.

If you are in the world of healing, it would be good to start your own centre or, if that is not possible, to become more closely connected to one.

A great year for Piscean Travel agents or those who work in the travel business. Also good for Piscean writers or those in the media. Ideas abound and new doors open for you. If you have investments, it may be time to reorganise your portfolio.

Archangel Jophiel is sometimes called the Angel of Illumination. If you are consciously on a journey of spiritual growth, she can help to accelerate your progress now. Then you can shine your radiant light to help and inspire others.

Your lucky Piscean numbers are 3, 13, 16, and 27. Your Lucky Colours are Green, Yellow and Sapphire blue. Wear a sapphire of you possess one if not, use topaz. Lucky places for love and relaxation are Chile. Hawaii, Turkey and Latvia. Lucky places for business: Argentina, Burma and Belgium.


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